Hinterland Front webHinterland Review 2015

‘an area lying beyond what is visible or known.’

“the strange hinterland where life begins and ends”

 The Telsen building standing sentinel beside the Aston expressway in Birmingham is the venue for Hinterland. 

 Ten artists who live and work in the city and for whom painting is central to their  established practise show images that explore the internal and external place beyond the visible and known.

 Natural light floods the  beautifully curated space revealing the intense enquiry within each work which reference urban and natural utopias; celebrating the locale and the world beyond; internal interior space and the reconstruction of the past into the present.

Construction of the painted image takes each artist’s source to their unique exploration of the possiblities of the painted surface in bringing the image to fruition and the ever increasing search for potential..

 Anyone interested in the role of painting should see Hinterland. It’s next venue is Rugby Art Gallery and Museum

Louise Cattrell,

London, November 2015

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