Exhibition Statement

Elsewhere brings together the work of three Birmingham based artists, Angelina May Davis, Angela Maloney and Annette Pugh. Working with painting, photography, print and drawing, they each explore the desire for somewhere other.

To be elsewhere; to pretend or discover a world beyond the everyday is a strong human instinct. For these three artists it is also the driving force behind their practice. The images created inform the viewer of the existence of a time or place removed from the here and now.

Through the narratives depicted and the material acts of making, each artist becomes an explorer. Observation, archive and memory source the works and individual journeys allow us to discover locations and acts that depict ‘beyond’.

As a collective exhibition ‘Elsewhere’ looks at, and past the familiar. It discloses the remarkable and negates the ordinary. The artists share territories and happenings, unknown and sometimes unexperienced. They extend our world, forging links between the unremarkable and the extraordinary, between truth and fiction; in short they ask us, to suspend our reality and encounter an alternative place.

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